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[New?] Sheriff in town: governments crack down on crypto’s “Wild West”

Regardless of your position on whether cryptocurrency is a legitimate method of payment, you can’t deny its permeation into mainstream society recently.  From donations to Ottawa “freedom” protests[1] to countries approving bitcoin as legal tender,[2] the use of cryptocurrency is emerging beyond the dark web. But with use comes misuse. In 2021, there were an … Continue Reading

Attention, âmes dirigeantes : l’imputabilité individuelle est la « priorité absolue » du Department of Justice des États-Unis dans le cadre des poursuites relatives aux crimes d’entreprise

Les dirigeants et administrateurs canadiens devraient bien prendre en note les changements de priorités en matière d’application des dispositions pénales aux États-Unis. Dans de récents discours lors de la tenue de la 37e édition du National Institute on White Collar Crime de l’ABA, le procureur général des États-Unis, Merrick Garland, et le procureur général adjoint, Kenneth … Continue Reading

US Regulators highlight importance of pre-acquisition due diligence to avoid liability for corruption

Increasing enforcement of anti-bribery and corruption regulations and an increased focus on compliance have made a pre-acquisition compliance due diligence a common feature of cross-border M&A transactions in Africa and elsewhere. Many experienced transaction attorneys and dealmakers will be aware of the limits of even the most thorough due diligence. This has led to concerns … Continue Reading