Photo of Hannah McAslan-Schaaf (UK)

Hannah McAslan-Schaaf (UK)

We have published a new briefing note, FCA / PRA focus on D&I: What do firms need to be doing now?

In this briefing note we set out 10 practical tips for regulated firms to consider to ensure that D&I considerations are effectively and impactfully embedded into their policies, procedures, controls, systems and governance structures.

In our latest Global Regulation Tomorrow Plus podcast we focus on the FCA’s finalised guidance on the new anti-greenwashing rule. We consider the scope of the new rule, the key differences between the finalised guidance and that consulted on, some “dos and don’ts” for firms and then finally a few words on a new anti-greenwashing

In the fifth podcast in our DE&I series, Simon Lovegrove, Hannah Meakin and Hannah McAslan-Schaaf are joined by Alasdair Scott from GP Strategies to discuss inclusivity, how well contributions, presence, and perspectives of different groups of people are valued and integrated into an environment. Inclusivity has become essential in business today with new joiners looking

In recent years, diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the financial services sector has become a focus for regulators around the world. Individual regulators, however, have taken different approaches to D&I to reflect the local socio-economic environment. Below, we provide a high-level summary of the position across a number of key jurisdictions.