On Friday October 15, 2021, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that in an effort to fight corruption in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, commonly referred to as the Northern Triangle countries, it would establish a tip line to assist the DOJ’s Task Force to Combat Corruption in Central America (the Anticorruption Task Force).

The creation of the tip line will make it easier for investigators and prosecutors to collect potential treasure troves of information from competing companies, lay persons, as well as local cooperating prosecutors and investigators.tip line to fight corruption

See our new legal update, A direct line from Central America to the US DOJ: The Anticorruption Task Force establishes a tip line for the Northern Triangle, by Kevin J. Harnisch, Mayling C. Blanco, Samuel Romero Ramer, Silvia Fazio, César Fernández and Katey Fardelmann for more details on the tip line for the Northern Triangle.