On June 26, 2014, the Federal Reserve Board issued a press release announcing the public availability of the information contained in its Form FR Y-15, the Banking Organization Systemic Risk Report.  This information will enable readers to better evaluate the systemic risk profile of large bank holding companies.  Each form contains information on the following systemically significant factors: size, interconnectedness, complexity, substitutability (how easily a firm’s activities can be replaced by another firm), and cross-jurisdictional activity.

Thirty-three bank holding companies are covered in this first release of the FR Y-15 information.  These forms will be required to be submitted on an annual basis as of December 31 of each year.  The reporting institutions generally consist of bank holding companies with total consolidated assets of $50 billion or more as of June 30 prior to the December 31st as-of filing date.

The information can be accessed through the National Information Center’s website at by entering the name of a bank holding company, and accessing the FR Y-15 data through the link to regulatory reporting forms.