On 18 April 2024, the European Parliament issued a press release stating that the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee had adopted a report on the proposed Regulation establishing the European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS). MEPs approved the report with 26 votes to 18 and 3 abstentions. The file will be followed up by the new European Parliament after the 6-9 June European elections.

The EDIS proposal builds on the system of national deposit guarantee schemes (DGS) regulated by Deposit Guarantee Directive. The scheme will develop in different stages and the contributions of EDIS will progressively increase over time. At the final stage of the EDIS set up, the protection of bank deposits will be fully financed by EDIS, supported by close cooperation with national DGSs. The ECON report deals with the first stage of a EDIS whereby it would operate as liquidity scheme providing loans to participating DGSs.