Each year the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB) investigates the inherent integrity risks of money laundering, financing of terrorism and corruption faced by financial institutions, as well as the measures taken by financial institutions to mitigate such risks. For this purpose, DNB has been requesting financial institutions to complete its questionnaire on integrity risks. DNB carries out this investigation based on the international standards from the Financial Action Task Force and the European supervisory authorities,.

DNB will use the input on this questionnaire for the risk profiles of the financial institutions that it supervises (e.g. payment institutions and banks). Seeing that DNB carries out risk-based integrity supervision of financial institutions using this risk profile, the input on the questionnaire will in part determine DNB’s supervisory activities in relation to these financial institutions.

Financial institutions that have been requested to complete the questionnaire will need to do so by 9 June 2022 via DNB’s Digital Supervision Portal. DNB has noted that it will be closely monitoring the completeness and quality of the responses provided and timely submission. In case of late, incomplete or missing submissions, DNB will be imposing enforcement measures.