In the context of a recent round-table on technological innovation in the Dutch financial sector (FinTech), the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, AFM) published a position paper on FinTech.

In this paper, the AFM expresses its view on FinTech and the implications thereof for its supervision and the financial sector as a whole. The AFM states that Dutch financial markets have already been undergoing significant change as a result of FinTech, but that recently these changes have been gaining momentum that have led to new regulatory considerations for the regulator. Therefore, the AFM sees it as its primary objective to clarify questions which arise as a result of FinTech.

In order to adequately monitor these developments and understand the impact on the capital- and retail markets, the AFM has formed an ‘Innovation and Fintech’ (Innovatie en Fintech) program team.

View the AFM’s position paper (Dutch only), 22 January 2016.