On 15 May 2024, the Eurogroup issued a statement on the follow-up to the Eurogroup agreement on the future of the Capital Markets Union (CMU).

In March 2024, the Eurogroup agreed on a statement of the future of the CMU and today’s statement marks the first step towards its delivery.  The endorsement by EU leaders at the Euro Summit and the subsequent discussion at the European Council have confirmed the timeliness of the relevant priorities.

The statement highlights that delivering a ‘true’ CMU will not happen as a single event, but rather the process will evolve through consistent and concrete steps. The statement also identifies two broad avenues for follow up on the statement-initiatives to be brought forward by the European Commissioner over the course of the next legislative cycle, as well as measures at the Member State level.

On 14 May 2024, Ministers endorsed a high level work programme on CMU, which will ensure that the implementation of the agreement remains on the top of the agenda. This work programme will be taken forward by Ministers assisted by their Deputies, which will aim to ensure the Eurogroup in inclusive format remains in the implementation of the agreement.