During UK FinTech Week earlier this year, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury announced the launch of the UK FinTech Census.

The UK FinTech Census is a direct output from the International FinTech Group; a group which was set up in response to the Kalifa Review. The International FinTech Group, co-chaired by the Department for Business and Trade and Innovate Finance is designed to support and maintain the UK’s leading global FinTech reputation and to secure a ‘Global Britain’ with access to international markets.

The UK FinTech Census can aid these aims by asking FinTechs across the UK to provide information on three key points:

  1. What international markets do our UK FinTechs want to break into?
  2. What are the main challenges that UK FinTechs face?
  3. What further support and services would UK FinTechs like to see?

The UK FinTech Census should not take more than 10 minutes and direct feedback from it will help coordinate and tailor support for UK FinTechs to continue to enter new markets and thrive overseas.