The House of Commons’ Treasury Select Committee has launched an inquiry into recovery and resolution. The inquiry invites written evidence from interested parties to address any or all of the following points and questions:

  • what progress have the major UK banking groups made in developing realistic and effective resolution and recovery plans, including ring-fence arrangements?
  • what progress has been made by major foreign economies in developing realistic and effective resolution and recovery plans?
  • what impact might Brexit have on the likely effectiveness of the UK’s recovery and resolution regime?
  • what assumptions has the Financial Policy Committee made as to the efficacy and feasibility of resolution plans?
  • how serious is the risk that falls in the prices of particular bail-inable securities will cause contagious uncertainty about the solvency of banks in general? If there are contagion risks, how could these be reduced?
  • would it be desirable to have more transparency about the resolution and recovery plans of the major UK banks, and about the PRA’s and Bank of England’s assessment of them?

The deadline for written submissions is 5 March 2017.

View Treasury Select Committee launches inquiry into recovery and resolution, 19 December 2016