The House of Commons Treasury Select Committee has reported that the committee has exchanged letters with HM Treasury concerning proposed amendments to the bank ring-fencing secondary legislation. The press release links to the following letters:

  • a letter dated 3 June 2016 from Andrew Tyrie, Committee Chair, to Charles Roxburgh, HM Treasury Director General, in which Mr Tyrie responds to a request from Mr Roxburgh for comments on the proposed amendments;
  • a letter dated 12 July 2016 from Mr Roxburgh to Mr Tyrie, responding to Mr Tyrie’s comments and agreeing that revisions to the ring-fence secondary legislation, however limited and technical, should be subject to careful scrutiny. Mr Roxburgh also responds to a number of issues raised on specific proposed amendments; and
  • a letter dated 20 October 2016, from Mr Tyrie to Mr Roxburgh, in which Mr Tyrie acknowledges the response to his comments and notes in particular the assurances around the qualifying declaration requirement.

View Treasury Committee exchanges letters with HM Treasury on proposed amendments to bank ring-fencing secondary legislation, 20 October 2016