On 1 September 2021 from 8:50am to 9:50am (UK time) we will be holding a webinar ‘The UK TPR is ending – what should EU firms do next?’

The UK provided a broad temporary permissions regime (TPR) which made it easy for EU investment firms to do business into the UK post Brexit. This regime is now winding down and so EU firms now need to decide on their next steps: relying on relevant UK exclusions, exiting the UK market or getting authorised in the UK. An EU investment firm using the TPR will be allocated a landing slot by the Financial Conduct Authority. Once this happens, the investment firm will need to decide on its way forward promptly. The decision can become complicated where there are group structures involving a UK branch with other entities in the EU doing business back into the UK. There are also certain pitfalls where UK rules apply even though the EU firm has chosen not to be authorised in the UK.

In this webinar, which is targeted both at standalone EU firms using the TPR and at EU firms using the TPR who are within those groups with a UK presence, our London financial services team will look at the following issues:

  • Overseas persons exclusion – when it can be used in different sectors and possible reforms on the horizon
  • UK rules to think about even where you’re not authorised in the UK
  • Opting for UK authorisation –
  • Landing slots, options and the authorisation process
  • ‘Hot topics’ that management need to be aware of

Following the webinar there will be a short Q&A session.

To attend the webinar please register here.