On 22 January 2021, the PRA published Policy Statement 1/21: Strengthening Accountability: SM&CR forms update (PS1/21). Due to the short nature of PS1/21 the PRA has presented the text on a webpage without a separate document. With PS1/21 the PRA is:

  • Amending the Notification Form to reflect the new FCA address following their move to new premises and the new FCA logo. The PRA is also making minor consequential amendments to the Notification Form. These are deleting an incorrect reference to the PRA as a limited company, updating references to the PRA Rulebook, and updating the General Data Protection Regulation notification.
  • Updating SM&CR Form L to reinstate question 3.05, which requests firms making a notification to provide details of any disciplinary action taken.

The updated versions of the above forms are located on the webpage and came into effect on 22 January 2021.