On 27 July 2022, Statutory Instrument No. 870 the Register of Overseas Entities (Delivery, Protection and Trust Services) Regulations 2022 was published. The Register will enhance transparency around the owners and controllers of overseas entities that own or buy UK property. Furthermore, the Register will protect the information of those at serious risk of harm by others and avoid creating disproportionate burdens or putting off legitimate investors.

The purpose of the instrument is to implement aspects of the new Register of Overseas Entities. The instrument will:

  • Require certain documents to be delivered to the Registrar of Companies of England and Wales by electronic means.
  • Set up a protection regime which will allow beneficial owners and managing officers of overseas entities to apply to have their information made unavailable for public inspection and not disclosable, where they can provide evidence that they or someone living with them are at serious risk of violence or intimidation.
  • Set out that legal entities governed by the law of a country or territory outside of the United Kingdom that provide trust services are subject to their own disclosure requirements, for the purpose of the definition of registrable beneficial owner.