On 11 December 2020, the Single Resolution Board (SRB) published its valuation data set comprising of the following documents:

  • SRB valuation data set instructions document, developing the SRB valuation data set and establishing clear expectations in relation to data needs.
  • An explanatory note providing guidance to Eurozone banks regarding their management information system capabilities to produce information that is as up to date and complete as possible and of adequate quality to carry out a fair, prudent and realistic valuation.
  • A feedback statement to an earlier SRB consultation on the valuation data set that addresses the main comments received.

The SRB valuation data set is a benchmark for institutions and interim resolution teams (IRT) by setting both data and information expectations. The SRB data set does not impose any reporting obligations; it is rather a tool that defines the SRB’s expectations concerning information necessary to perform an independent valuation and provides guidance to banks in this respect.

The data and information included in the SRB valuation data set are neither exclusive nor exhaustive. The SRB valuation data set includes various subsets of data points and information. The SRB valuation data set does not include data or information on foreclosed assets or other types of tangible fixed assets held by entities. Should they be of relevance for a bank’s balance sheet, an IRT may decide to expand the data set to include those assets within the scope of the SRB valuation data set or existing EU reporting standards. The IRT may decide to scale down the data set for each bank or group should any of the data points be deemed irrelevant (for example the derivatives data set for retail banks without an active presence in the derivatives market would be scaled down).