On 30 November 2023, the Single Resolution Board (SRB) published its Annual Work Programme for 2024.

The Annual Work Programme 2024 will be completed early next year with a multi-annual work programme for the SRB, based on the 2023 strategic review of SRB and Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) operations, which will be launched early next year.

Building on the achievements of previous years, in 2024 the SRB will establish further measures to ensure the resolvability of banks and develop a comprehensive implementation plan for resolvability testing. As the transition period set by the SRB for implementing the Banking Package and the Expectations for Banks is ending, policy work in 2024 will build on achievements so far, on lessons learned from the application of existing policies and potential changes linked to the strategic review and to the Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance package.

In addition, to support the SRB’s digital transformation, in 2024 and onwards the SRM will step up its use of best-practice technologies in its core processes and tools. In order to achieve this, the SRM will collaborate with the Single Supervisory Mechanism and other relevant bodies and the industry, to adapt to the ever-evolving digitalisation challenges and opportunities.

In 2024, the SRB will continue to engage closely with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the European Banking Authority on relevant regulatory and policy issues. In addition, the SRB, in close collaboration and interaction with Member State national resolution authorities will aim to develop common stances to support legislative processes, building on the positive experiences of such exercises in the past.