The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has revised the Principles for effective supervisory colleges (the College Principles).  The revisions reflect the experience of BCBS members in applying the original College Principles, published in 2010, together with emerging good practice in the role and operation of colleges.

The College Principles are not a definitive or exhaustive set of guidelines regarding college functioning. Instead they are designed to help both home and host supervisors ensure that colleges work as effectively as possible by clearly outlining expectations in relation to college objectives, governance, communication and information-sharing, as well as potential areas for collaborative work.

Key changes to the College Principles include:

  • greater emphasis on on-going collaboration and information-sharing, as well as the expectation that home and host supervisors will put in place appropriate mechanisms and sufficient resources for effective and timely information exchange;
  • differentiation between colleges and crisis management groups (CMGs) for banks that are subject to both structures and guidance on possible communication and coordination between the college and the CMG on crisis preparedness; and
  • alignment across the principles on how macro-prudential information is shared and used.

View Revised principles for supervisory colleges published by the Basel Committee, 26 June 2014