The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has published two documents prepared for the G20 Leaders’ summit in Brisbane on 15-16 November 2014:

  • a report on measures to reduce excessive variability in banks’ regulatory capital ratios (the Bank Ratios report); and
  • an update on the implementation of Basel III standards since the 2013 progress report to G20 Leaders (the Update report).

One of the points that the Bank Ratios report makes is that the BCBS is assessing whether a considerable simplification of the Advanced Measurement Approach to operational risk is needed. The BCBS intends to finalise this work programme by end-2015.

A point made in the Update report is that all BCBS committee members have implemented risk-based capital regulations and that efforts are now under way to adopt Basel III regulations for liquidity and leverage ratios as well as for global systemically important banks and domestic systemically important banks.

View Reports on measures to reduce risk-weighted asset variability and on Basel III implementation by the Basel Committee, 12 November 2014