The FCA has published an updated version of its Q&A on reporting transparency information. The Q&A is designed to provide Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) with information about:

  • who is required to report transparency information;
  • what transparency information must be reported;
  • how the FCA will collect transparency information;
  • registering and using GABRIEL to report transparency information; and
  • key dates on which FCA systems will support reporting of transparency information.

The updated Q&A contains answers to the following new questions:

  • has the FCA made any observations from testing about the use of GABRIEL for transparency reporting?
  • I am a manager of alternative investment funds (AIFs) and was managing AIFs before 22 July 2013. I applied to the FCA to be authorised with a managing AIFs permission before the end of the transitional year which ran to 22 July 2014 at which point I was operating in full compliance with all relevant requirements of the AIFMD as incorporated in the Handbook, the Level 2 Regulations and the UK AIFM Regulations 2013. After 22 July 2014 I continued to manage AIFs under the amended transitional arrangements operating in compliance with the Handbook requirements and awaiting determination of my application by the FCA. When do my reporting obligations begin and when do I first have to report transparency information?
  • I am the AIFM of an AIF that has multiple share classes. What information should I report to identify the different share classes?

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