What’s on the regulatory horizon for financial services firms?

In the latest instalment of our Regulation Around the World series we focus on horizon scanning with members of our global financial services team exploring some of the key upcoming regulatory trends.

Our global updater focussing on horizon scanning is accompanied by further analysis in our Regulation Around the World podcast which is available now to stream and download.

The podcast is hosted by Simon Lovegrove who begins the episode with a brief scan of the UK horizon. He then speaks to Steven Howard in the US, who discusses significant new proposals from the SEC concerning the regulation of private equity fund and hedge fund disclosures to investors; we then hear from Jon Ireland, who looks at the new corporate collective investment vehicle regime in Australia; Anna Carrier examines various developments in the EU, including changes to the prudential regime, MIFID II and also DORA; and finally Sebastien Praicheux provides insight on the future of sustainable finance and crowd funding in France.

The Regulation Around the World podcast is available to stream and download on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. To listen to this latest episode on iTunes, please click here.