On 15 September 2023, the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) published Consultation Paper 23/8: Cycle 2 – Additional changes to timelines and reporting periods (CP23/8).

CP23/8 follows on from the PSR’s March 2023 Policy Statement 23/1: APP scams: Measure 1 Collection and publication of performance data. In that Policy Statement the PSR stated that it would collect cycle 2 data (and future data collection cycles) to cover a six-month period. The PSR now states in CP23/8 that it is making changes to cycle 2 and proposes to move to 12-month reporting, so that the cycle 2 data-collection period captures all of 2023. The PSR’s proposals would mean that for cycle 2 the data collection covers H1 2023 and H2 2023. The deadline for the initial submission would be 16 February 2024 and it would publish the data in July 2024.

The deadline for comments on CP23/8 is 22 September 2023.