The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has published Consultation and Decision Paper 17/44: PSR regulatory fees: Policy decision on the approach to the collection of PSR regulatory fees from 2018/19 and further consultation on the fees allocation method (CP17/44).

CP17/44 sets out the PSR’s decisions on some of the questions it asked in Consultation Paper 17/30: PSR regulatory fees 2018/19 (CP17/30) and proposes further questions for consultation.

In CP17/44, the PSR:

  • publishes its decision on its fees collection method which it consulted on in CP17/30;
  • provides further details on how the fees collection method will be implemented including what operators and fee payers will be expected to do;
  • sets out the amendments to the fees rules to implement this decision; and
  • asks further questions to help it refine the fees collection method.

The PSR also:

  • makes further proposals to its fees allocation method. In particular, it restates its guiding principles for reviewing its fees allocation method and discusses its analysis and proposal on the allocation method that its thinks is appropriate;
  • asks further consultation questions to help refine the way the PSR allocates fees; and
  • proposes amendments to its fees rules.

The PSR also discusses other policy issues regarding fees allocation, including decisions on questions in CP17/30 and new issues raised in CP17/44 (chapter 5).

The deadline for comments on CP17/44 is 26 January 2018.

View PSR consultation and decision paper on regulatory fees, 15 December 2017