The PRA has issued Policy Statement 15/16: Liquidity: switch from FSA returns to ALMM returns (PS15/16).

In PS15/16 the PRA finalises the date of changes to liquidity reporting rules ahead of the introduction of EU requirements to report additional liquidity monitoring metrics (ALMM). These changes will take effect on 22 April 2016.

As a result of the amendments to the PRA’s reporting rules, firms will not have to report both sets of returns simultaneously. The European Commission has published finalised requirements on ALMM reporting: the first reporting date for returns C67.00, C68.00, C69.00 and C71.00 will be 30 April for large firms, and 30 June for small firms.

The PRA is required by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to publish a statement on the impact of rules on mutuals where the final rule differs from the draft of the proposed rule. The final rule only differs from the proposed rule in that the date of application is now specified. The PRA does not expect this to have a different impact on mutuals compared to other firms.

View PS15/16: Liquidity: switch from FSA return to ALMM returns, 18 April 2016