In January 2014 the FCA published Consultation Paper 14/02: Proposed amendments to the Listing Rules in relation to sponsor competence and other amendments to the Listing Rules and Prospectus Rules (CP14/02). In CP14/02 the FCA consulted on certain changes to the Listing Rules around sponsor competence. In September 2014, the FCA published Consultation Paper 14/21: Feedback and Policy Statement on CP14/02, consultation on joint sponsors and call for views on sponsor conflicts (CP14/21), which contained final rules on sponsor competence.

To assist sponsors in complying with the new sponsor competence proposals, the FCA consulted on two new technical notes, which were set out in CP14/21. The consultation closed on 7 November 2014. The FCA has now published Primary Market Bulletin No.10 which sets out the feedback received and the amendments that have been made to the original technical notes.

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