The PRA has issued a timetable of its activity, to early May 2014 on the Solvency II Directive.

The plan is intended to serve as a useful tool to help firms prepare for the changes that Solvency II will make to their business. In particular, the plan highlights that the PRA intends to:

  • produce a Consultation Paper on ‘Solvency II: the calculation of technical provisions and the use of internal models’ for general insurance firms in mid-March 2014. The consultation will close in mid-April 2014 and the PRA will issue a supervisory statement by the end of April 2014; and
  • confirm the plans for the PRA data collection exercises in 2014 and 2015 by the end of March 2014.

View Timetable of activity to early May 2014, as at 18 February 2014, 18 February 2014