The PRA has published PRA Rulebook: Administration Instrument (No.2) 2017.

The Instrument makes certain corrections to the PRA Rulebook that are not substantive and are not intended to change the regulator’s policy. Corrections are made to the following part of the PRA’s Rulebook:

  • Regulatory Reporting;
  • Fitness and Propriety;
  • Group Supervision;
  • Conditions Governing Business;
  • Insurance – Fitness and Propriety;
  • Large Non-Insolvency II Firms – Fitness and Propriety;
  • Non-Solvency II Firms – Fitness and Propriety;
  • Third Country Branches;
  • Own Funds; and
  • Glossary.

The corrections to the above all come into force on 2 May 2017 except for certain parts of Regulatory Reporting (1 January 2019) and Group Supervision (1 January 2018).

View PRA Rulebook: Administration instrument (No.2) 2017, 27 April 2017