The PRA has published Policy Statement 27/17: Regulated fees and levies: Adjustment to rates for 2017/18 (PS27/17).

PS27/17 sets out final rules intended to correct the fee rates for the PRA’s Annual Funding Requirement for 2017/18 published in Policy Statement 17/17: Regulated fees and levies: rates for 2017/18. The appendix to PS27/17 contains an update to Table III of the Periodic Fees Schedule in the Fees Part of the PRA Rulebook. The table sets out the final periodic fee rates applicable to PRA fee blocks other than the minimum and transition costs fee blocks for the fee year 2017/18.

PS27/17 is relevant to all firms that currently pay PRA fees or are expecting to do so within the 2017/18 fee year (1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018).

View PRA regulated fees and levies: Adjustment to rates for 2017/18, 6 November 2017