The PRA has published Policy Statement 7/15: The PRA Rulebook: Part 2 (PS7/15).

In PS7/15 the PRA publishes final rules, supervisory statements and a statement of policy following on from Consultation Paper 25/14: The PRA Rulebook: Part 2 (CP25/14).

Appendix 1 of PS7/15 sets out:

  • Rulebook glossary terms;
  • verification of standing data rules;
  • general provisions rules;
  • internal governance rules; and
  • Handbook consequentials.

Appendix 2 of PS7/15 sets out:

  • supervisory statement – internal governance;
  • supervisory statement – exercising certain functions under the Building Societies Act 1986, this also includes forms available on the Banks and Building Societies lists webpage;
  • supervisory statement – supervising building societies’ treasury and lending activities; and
  • statement of policy – the PRA’s approach to insurance business transfers.

Appendix 3 sets out the final Rulebook mapping table which was included in CP25/14. The table maps across provisions from the PRA Handbook with the corresponding provisions incorporated into the Rulebook.

View PRA Policy Statement 7/15: The PRA Rulebook: Part 2, 2 April 2015