The PRA has issued an Occasional consultation paper 26/16 (CP26/16) proposing changes to the following PRA Rulebook parts and supervisory statements (SS):

  • SS24/15 – the PRA’s approach to supervising liquidity and funding risks (chapter 2);
  • internal liquidity adequacy assessment (ILAA) part (chapter 3);
  • regulatory reporting part and SS34/15 – guidelines for completing regulatory reports  (chapter 4);
  • conditions governing business part (chapter 5); and
  • capital buffers part and leverage ratio part (chapter 6).

CP 26/16 is also consulting on an administration instrument. An administration instrument is used to make minor corrections to PRA Rulebook provisions. The corrections are not substantive and are not intended to change PRA policy and will result in rule amendments.

View PRA occasional consultation paper, 22 July 2016