On 23 July 2018, the PRA published an occasional consultation paper on regulatory reporting (the Consultation Paper).

In the Consultation Paper, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) sets out reforms to the PRA reporting requirements. These reforms are:

  • discontinuation of Prudent Valuation Return PV001;
  • changes to PRA reporting instructions to align with updated EBA requirements (RFB001, PRA110, and PRA101 – PRA103);
  • amendments to Pillar 2 reporting templates and instructions to reflect their application to ring-fenced bodies (FSA071 – FSA082);
  • amendments to ring-fencing reporting requirements (RFB001, RFB003, RFB004);
  • deletion of reporting requirements for dormant account fund operators;
  • alignment of ‘data item’ definitions in the PRA Rulebook;
  • update of the notification form relating to reporting on an Accounting Reference Date basis; and
  • correction of PRA110 rules.

The draft PRA Rulebook amendment instrument is included within Appendix 1 of the Consultation Paper. Responses to the Consultation Paper are invited to be submitted by 23 October 2018.