On 20 April 2022, the PRA published Consultation Paper 4/22 ‘Regulated fees and levies: Rates proposals 2022/23’ (CP4/22).

In CP4/22 the PRA sets out its fees proposals for 2022/23.

The proposals would make amendments to the Fees Part of the PRA Rulebook and include:

  • The fee rates to meet the PRA’s 2022/23 Annual Funding Requirement (AFR).
  • Fees applicable to firms in the temporary regimes.
  • Changes to the internal model application fees and the model maintenance fee.
  • Changes to the special project fees for restructuring fees.
  • Setting out how the PRA intends to distribute a surplus from the 2021/22 AFR and the retained penalties for 2021/22.

The deadline for comments on CP4/22 is 20 May 2022.

The PRA proposes to publish the changes resulting from CP4/22 on 4 July 2022, and proposes that the implementation date for the changes resulting from CP4/22 would be 6 July 2022.