On 12 September 2018, the PRA published  Consultation Paper 19/18: Regulatory reporting: European Banking Authority Taxonomy 2.9 (CP19/18). In CP19/18 the PRA sets out proposals to update certain PRA reporting requirements to reflect relevant proposals made by the European Banking Authority (EBA) in its consultations on changes to the Implementing Technical Standards on Supervisory Reporting. These proposals, once finalised, will set out how firms will be required to report FINREP and COREP under Capital Requirements Regulation. The specific changes proposed:

  • update the content of ring-fenced bank template RFB004 to reflect selected changes that the EBA has proposed to FINREP;
  • update the content of templates PRA101, PRA102, and PRA103 to reflect selected changes that the EBA is proposing, or has previously made to COREP; and
  • add new NPL templates to the scope of FINREP reporting required from firms that are not currently required under the CRR to report FINREP.

The proposed changes to the PRA reporting requirements are included in the appendices to CP19/18.

The implementation date for the proposals in CP19/18 would follow the implementation date of the corresponding changes to FINREP and COREP as defined in the final EBA policy. This is currently proposed to be March 2020. The deadline for responses to CP19/18 is 12 December 2018.