The PRA has published Policy Statement 18/16: Regulated fees and levies: rate for 2016/17 (PS18/16). PS18/16 sets out the final fee rates and rules to recover the PRA’s annual funding requirements and ring-fencing implementation fee for the financial period 1 March 2016 to 28 February 2017.

The FCA has published Policy Statement 16/16: FCA regulated fees and levies 2016/17 including feedback on CP16/9 and ‘made rules’ (PS16/16). PS16/16 covers the 2016/17 periodic regulatory fees and levies rules for the FCA, the Pensions guidance levies, the Financial Ombudsman Service general levy, and the Money Advice Service.

View PRA policy statement on 2016/17 regulatory fees and levies, 30 June 2016

View FCA policy statement on regulated fees and levies for 2016/17, 30 June 2016