The PRA has published Policy Statement 6/13: Responses to CP8/13 (PS6/13). In PS6/13, the PRA sets out its response to feedback received to the following chapters of Consultation Paper 8/13: Occasional Consultation Paper:

  • chapter 1 — Close Links and Controllers report;
  • chapter 2 — Mortgage Lenders and Administrators Return;
  • chapter 4 — Interim Prudential sourcebook for Insurers and the Interim Prudential sourcebook for Friendly Societies; and
  • chapter 5 — Financial Services Compensation Scheme protection for large unincorporated associations’ deposits.

The PRA states that it will provide a response to feedback on chapters 3, 6 and 10 of CP8/13 in early 2014. These chapters will cover the PRA’s response on the removal of references to ‘designated investment exchanges’ from the Handbook.

View PRA Policy statement PS6/13 – responses to CP8/13, 19 December 2013