The FCA has published its latest Policy development update (issue 34).  The update provides information on:

  • FCA publications issued since the last update;
  • information about recent FCA Handbook-related and other developments;
  • other FCA publications – consumer publications, guidance consultations and finalised guidance; and
  • an updated timetable for forthcoming FCA publications.

FCA publications issued since the last update are:

  • Consultation Paper 16/15: Capping early exit pension charges;
  • Consultation Paper 16/14: UCITS V Level 2 Regulation, SFTR and consequential changes to the Handbook;
  • Policy Statement 16/15: Feedback on CP15/33 – Consumer credit: proposals in response to the CMA recommendations on high-cost short-term credit;
  • Feedback Statement 16/3: Feedback Statement on competition in the mortgage sector;
  • Guidance Consultation 16/5: Proposed guidance on wind-down planning; and
  • Handbook Notice 33.

In relation to forthcoming FCA publications it is noted that the Policy Statement to the first MiFID II Consultation Paper is “TBC” and the expected date of the second MiFID II Consultation Paper is mid-2016.

View Policy Development Update – issue 34, 3 June 2016