On 17 October 2023, the Platform on Sustainable Finance (Platform) and the European Commission (Commission) launched a stakeholder request mechanism, in order to evaluate and consider suggestions regarding activities in the EU taxonomy.

Article 20 of the Taxonomy Regulation provides that the Platform shall assist the Commission in analysing requests from stakeholders to develop or revise technical screening criteria for a given economic activity. This stakeholder request mechanism supports this task by streamling the gathering of stakeholders’ requests.

The stakeholder request mechanism allows stakeholders to submit suggestions based on scientific and/or technical evidence on new economic activities that could be added to the EU taxonomy or on potential revisions of technical screening criteria of existing activities.

The stakeholder request mechanism will be continuously running, allowing respondents to submit their input at any given time, with cut-off dates for the processing of requests received.

The first cut-off date will be 15 December 2023. The Platform’s technical working group will process all requests until that date. After 15 December 2023, the mechanism will continue to run and a second cut-off-date will be communicated.

The Commission and the Platform will regularly monitor the mechanism.