We are evolving our successful 40-minute briefings into webinars for financial services professionals. This includes senior management and those in legal, compliance and risk teams who have or are developing financial services expertise. The webinars will be led by senior members of our financial services team from legal, risk consulting and government affairs backgrounds and will provide practical insights into what they are currently seeing in the market.

As we head into autumn, senior management will be asking how well-prepared their businesses are for the coming months and what lessons have so far been learned from the COVID19 crisis? To help answer this question, the October edition of the webinar will focus on “lessons learned” reviews, examining how such reviews can be successfully conducted so that they are valuable exercises. The webinar will also consider skilled persons reviews, focussing in particular on the common pitfalls into which businesses may fall.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Why conduct a lessons learned review?
  • Potential review areas of focus
  • Conducting lessons learned reviews and senior oversight
  • Skilled persons reviews: Avoiding the pitfalls

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