On 30 June 2021, there was published:

  • Report from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on ethnically or racially motivated terrorism financing. The report, which is based on inputs from around 30 jurisdictions, focuses on the funding behind ethnically or racially motivated terrorism, also referred to as extreme right-wing terrorism. The report highlights the challenges in tackling the financing of extreme right-wing terrorism and preventing attacks. These challenges include how countries view the threat, ranging from terrorism, to racially motivated violence. The report encourages countries to continue to develop their understanding of this increasingly transnational criminal activity, including by considering ethnically or racially motivated terrorism financing in their national risk assessments. It also encourages public, private and international partners to work together to identify the threats and exchange best practices on combating ethnically or racially motivated terrorism financing.


  • Statement from the Wolfsberg Group on how financial institutions can assess risk in defined priority areas and demonstrate their anti-money laundering/combatting terrorist financing (AML/CTF) programme effectiveness. The document underlines that the starting point for an effective AML/CTF programme should be an understanding of the priority risks identified by countries or supra-national bodies in their own assessments of AML/CTF risks and the applicability of those risks to the financial institutions.

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