On 15 December 2020, the FCA created a new webpage concerning complaints data.

The webpage contains links to further information on firm specific complaints data and aggregate complaints figures for the industry.

In terms of latest findings the webpage notes:

  • Firms received 2.96m complaints in 2020 H1, 52% lower than in 2019 H2 (6.10m complaints). These are the lowest levels recorded since 2016 H2.
  • The insurance and pure protection product group saw the largest decrease in complaints received by firms, from 4.68m complaints in 2019 H2 to 1.80m complaints in 2020 H1.  Within this product group, the largest decrease was for payment protection insurance (PPI), from 3.85m complaints received in 2019 H2 to 1.09m in 2020 H1. This follows the passing of the PPI deadline (29 August 2019) set by the FCA.
  • The volume of all other complaints (excluding PPI) decreased by 20% in 2020 H1 when compared with 2019 H2, from 2.25m to 1.87m.
  • After PPI, the most complained about products in 2020 H1 were current accounts (16% of all complaints), credit cards (8%) and other general insurance products (7%).