The FCA has published a new web page concerning its MiFID II conference that took place on 19 October 2015.

The web page contains links to the conference session videos including the panel session on implementing MiFID II across Europe. The videos are based on the FCA’s best understanding of the EU legislation at the time of the conference and does not constitute formal FCA guidance.

The web page also contains links to two timelines covering authorisation timescales and upcoming key dates in the implementation of MiFID II. From a UK perspective the key dates timeline notes that in:

  • December 2015 the FCA will publish a markets issues consultation paper;
  • March 2016 the FCA will issue a conduct issues consultation paper;
  • April 2016 the MiFID II authorisation gateway opens for firms; and
  • June 2016 FCA issues Handbook rules and Policy Statement.

View MiFID II wholesale firms conference 2015, 30 October 2015