In six months’ time, MiFID II and MiFIR come into force and will change the way that many asset managers operate.

Complying with the new requirements will not be easy and the impact of the new rules will go way beyond simply updating internal policies and client documentation. Asset managers will be coming into scope for a range of requirements that, unlike the banking sector, they may not have had to grapple with before.

The fear for many asset managers is that no matter how good their planning and execution is, the sheer volume of change raises the prospect that something will be missed.

To assist asset managers in this critical phase of their MiFID II implementation project we have developed a MiFID II audit tool that allows asset managers to audit their proposed implementation to ensure compliance with the requirements. The audit tool is broken into 3 topics: Markets, Conduct of Business and Governance.

Of particular interest to asset managers, our MiFID II audit tool includes coverage of the following key issues:

  • Inducements and payment for research
  • Transaction reporting
  • Best execution
  • Product governance
  • Taping
  • Trading
  • Direct electronic access
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Information to clients
  • Post-trade transparency

If you would like further information on our MiFID II audit tool, please contact Charlotte Henry or Imogen Garner.


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