The FCA has published Market Watch 47, its newsletter on market conduct and transaction reporting issues.

At the beginning of the newsletter the FCA provides further details as to how its recent structural changes impact the functions carried out by the Market Monitoring Department. Under the new structure a Market Oversight Division, comprised of the FCA’s market monitoring functions aimed at combating market abuse and its UKLA responsibilities, will bring together the FCA’s responsibilities for the oversight of participants in both primary and secondary markets, enabling the FCA to take a more holistic view of the markets it oversees. However, the new structure does not reflect any significant change in regulatory philosophy or approach to the FCA’s primary or secondary markets activities and does not signal a change in enforcement appetite in relation to market abuse or UKLA matter.

The newsletter also covers:

  • suspicious transaction report (STR) data – firms are reminded that the FCA recently published the STR figures for 2014 and update this information annually in its STR submission page; and
  • market monitoring – reminding MTF operators of their duties under the FCA’s rules.

View Market Watch 47, 30 March 2015