On 10 June 2024, the Liberal Democrats issued their Manifesto for the 2024 General Election.

The financial services related aspects of the Manifesto include:

  • Financial inclusion and access to cash/banking facilities (pages 15 and 19). The Liberal Democrats would introduce a national financial inclusion strategy and require the FCA and the PRA to have regard to financial inclusion, such as protecting access to cash, especially in remote areas, supporting banking hubs, expanding access to bank accounts, delivering Sharia-compliant student finance and supporting vulnerable consumers. The Liberal Democrats would also work with the major banks to fund the creation of a local banking sector dedicated to meeting the needs of local small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Sustainable finance (page 28). The Manifesto refers to the Liberal Democrats regulating financial services to encourage climate-friendly investments, including requiring pension funds and managers to show that their portfolio investments are consistent with the Paris Agreement, and creating new powers for regulators to act if banks and other investors are not managing climate risks properly.
  • Scams (including compensation for authorised push payment fraud victims) (page 58). The Manifesto refers to combatting the rise of fraud and scams by naming and shaming the banks with the worst records on preventing fraud, reimbursing victims, and requiring banks to reimburse victims of automated push payment scams unless there is clear evidence that they are at fault.