The International Organization of Securities Commissions has published a final report, Post-Trade Transparency in the Credit Default Swaps Market, which analyses the potential impact of mandatory post-trade transparency in one particular over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market – the credit default swaps (CDS) market.

In the final report IOSCO states that it believes that greater post-trade transparency in the CDS market – including making the price and volume of individual transactions publicly available – would be valuable to market participants and other market observers. IOSCO encourages each member jurisdiction to take steps to enhance post-trade transparency in the CDS market in its jurisdiction, while recognising that each member jurisdiction is best placed to judge the appropriate time and manner for enhancing post-trade transparency for CDS that trade in its respective market.

View IOSCO publishes report on post-trade transparency in the credit default swaps market, 10 August 2015