The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has published a final report on cross-border regulation. One of the key points amde in the report is that cross-border regulation is moving towards more engagement via different forms of recognition to solve regulatory overlaps, gaps, and inconsistencies. IOSCO also notes that while increased engagement is mostly bilateral at this stage, multilateral engagement is likely to develop further as markets continue to grow and emerge around the world and with the greater use of supervisory Memoranda of Understandings.

The report adopts the following structure:

  • based on information obtained from surveyed regulators, sections 2 – 6 describe the toolkit of specific cross-border regulatory options and the process for assessing foreign regulatory regimes;
  • section 7 provides an overview of key observations and suggestions made in relation to IOSCO’s November 2014 consultation on cross-border regulation; and
  • section 8 sets out IOSCO’s next steps in this area.

View IOSCO publishes report on cross-border regulation, 17 September 2015