The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has published a final report on a peer review of the regulation of money market funds (MMFs). The final report describes the implementation progress made in 31 jurisdictions in adopting legislation, regulation and other policies in relation to MMFs.

The peer review covered the implementation progress for the eight reform areas covered in IOSCO’s 2012 report on Policy Recommendations for Money Market Funds. The areas are:

  • definition of MMFs in regulation and appropriate inclusion of other investment products presenting features and investment objectives similar to MMFs;
  • limitations to the types of assets of, and risks taken by, MMFs;
  • valuation practices of MMFs;
  • liquidity management for MMFs;
  • addressing the risks and issues which may affect the stability of MMFs that offer a stable net asset value;
  • use of ratings by the MMF industry;
  • disclosure to investors; and
  • MMF practices in relation to repurchase agreement transactions.

View IOSCO publishes final report on the peer review of the regulation of money market funds, 2 September 2015