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Examples of recent blog postings include:


We consider the emergence of class actions in the South African banking industry: Class actions in the banking industry

We look at the importance of the relationship between developers and local communities in renewable energy projects: Renewable energy projects: community related protests

The US Volcker rule’s application to South Africa is considered: The US Volcker rule, UK, South Africa and elsewhere


Africa’s diversity is reflected in its legal systems. The following legal curiosities give a taste of what makes the continent such an interesting, and sometimes challenging, place to transact: Transacting in Africa – did you know?

How to acquire the right to use and benefit from the land in Mozambique: Acquiring land rights in Mozambique

The Mauritius Limited Partnership Act marks a development in that country’s strong investment framework offering. We analyse its effectiveness: Mauritius limited partnerships – as good as they seem?


Insurance law in the UK and South Africa differs in relation to fraud. We look comparatively at the issue of fraudulent insurance claims

The concept of insurable interest has a long history in South Africa. We look at the interpretation of the concept in: Insurable interest is a wide concept

We provide an analysis on the second Draft Demarcation Regulations which were published in 2014 by National Treasury for comment. The draft regulations deal with the demarcation between insurance business and the business of a medical scheme: Draft Demarcation Regulations 2014

Drafting tips

An explanation on the correct approach to interpreting a contract in South Africa: Golden rule of interpretation – Good riddance

Arbitration clauses are often the subject of interpretation by a court: How to ensure an arbitration clause survives the agreement

A useful reason for including a no-cession clause in a contract: Use no-cession clauses – they outlive liquidation