HM Treasury has published a call for evidence relating to supporting the development of credit unions in England, Wales and Scotland. The call for evidence is encompassing a “dual challenge” issued by the Government, namely it is asking:

  • credit unions themselves to set out their vision of where they want to be as a sector in the coming years, and to point out where further Government action is needed to support that; and
  • society in general to consider how best they can support credit unions, and how the government can encourage and facilitate such support.

The call for evidence is broken down into sections designed to consider various aspects of credit unions, and the issues they may face throughout their life cycle. Respondents are also invited to provide details on other ideas and views that are not covered in the call for evidence.

Responses from participants will be considered carefully and will ultimately help to inform the Government’s planning around the regulatory framework for credit unions. An impact assessment will be produced at “the appropriate juncture” if necessary.

View Call for evidence: British credit unions at 50, 23 June 2014