The FCA has published Handbook Notice No. 50.

This Handbook Notice briefly describes the instruments that the FCA Board approved on 7 December 2017. These include:

  • Handbook Administration (MiFID 2) Instrument 2017. The amendments are minor in nature and seek to clarify or correct existing Handbook provisions so that they accord with the original policy intent. The changes include the insertion of a new definition of ‘high-frequency algorithmic trading technique’ which copies out the relevant definition contained in MiFID 2;
  • MiFID 2 Approved Persons and Senior Managers (Form Amendments) Instrument 2017. Minor amendments are made to the Glossary and SUP 10A and 10C; and
  • MiFID 2 (Deferred Matters) Instrument 2017. This instrument makes changes to the Handbook to address certain consequential changes arising out of the implementation of MiFID 2 and implement the remaining proposed changes to the Decision Procedure and Penalties Manual and the Enforcement Guide first outlined in Consultation Paper 17/8 and Consultation Paper 17/19.

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