The FCA has published Guidance Consultation 14/5: Primary Market Bulletin No.8 (GC14/5).

The UKLA knowledge base is a repository of non-Handbook technical commentary that has the status of formal FCA guidance. In GC14/5, the UKLA is proposing to add six new notes, amend nine existing notes and delete one existing note from the knowledge base.

The new notes that are proposed to be added to the knowledge base are:

  • cancellation of listing or transfer between listing categories – requests to waive the 20 business day notice period (UKLA/TN/210.1);
  • share buy-backs – novel/complex approaches and Premium Listing Principle 5 (UKLA/TN/310.1);
  • discounted share issues and standard disclosures in circulars (UKLA/TN/311.1);
  • related party transactions by closed-ended investment funds – amendment of an existing investment management agreement to cover new money (UKLA/TN/404.1);
  • disclosure of ‘lock-up’ agreements (UKLA/TN/522.1); and
  • pro-forma financial information (UKLA/TN/633.1).

The note that is proposed to be deleted is sponsors: creation and maintenance of records (UKLA/TN/703.1).

The deadline for comments on GC14/5 is 1 October 2014.

View Guidance Consultation 14/5: Primary Market Bulletin No.8, 6 August 2014